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We train you in culture

Someday is a tool to support the corporate culture that management envisions. If corporate culture is not measured, your organization is not able to recap the benefits of collaboration, commitment and overall achievement. Corporate culture is about identifying and promoting the things that create a good working environment, high commitment, and the willingness to put in that little extra effort.

Let's analyze your corporate culture

We give you a thorough analysis of your company's internal culture. The analysis provides you with feedback on the types of cultures that exist within your company, and together we look at how to get to where you really want to be.

Engange employees

The tool is built on a social surface, which employees will recognize. The employees will be involved in groups, competitions and campaigns. Through these collaborations, Someday intends to foster security, belonging and meaning for the employee. At the same time, the tool will provide learning and advice to management.

Become an expert on your culture

Through our cultural analysis and targeted measures of employee attributes, you will gain insight into what is beneficial for your company.


The tool is based on many different functions that are essential for companies that work with corporate culture

1. Analysis

Our main goal is to give you a thorough assessment of the culture(s) within your company. We map, among other things, how well the overall strategy is rooted, what type of culture already exists, how culture varies at the departmental level, and what social conditions are involved in these variations.

2. Security with good communication

Through our communication tool as well as the following tools, you can create a greater sense of security between the manager and the employees:

* Intranet

* Digital proposal box

* Quiz

3. Adapt for a good social environment

Create a good working environment by giving employees a portal where they can communicate, collaborate, and share with their colleagues.

* Groups for social events and / or group activities

* Chat

* Picture sharing

4. Take control of the corporate culture

By continuously working purposefully with culture and the measures we provide in the Someday strategy, your company will develop a habit of focusing on good culture. You will gain access to an admin portal, where you are provided insight to employee activities, use of the app, and other statistics.

* Repeating exercise elements

* Self-selected campaigns

* Small employee surveys


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